Data migration & conversion

Maximising the value of your historic data

We can advise and assist with data migration and/or conversion from your old system to new.  Appropriate migration and conversion is critical to the success of your project as it affects both the transition and the long-term ability to report on and analyse what has been happening in the company.   

Simply importing lots of old data which didn't capture the analysis you now want or for contracts that are long since closed will be of little value, and restructuring this data to match the needs of the business now may not be useful.  But you are likely to want to bring through all the historical details of current jobs and contracts for example, so this data may need to be migrated and converted to match the new configuration. 

We have various tools for data cleansing, transfer and manipulation and will discuss your requirements in the context of what is both practical and productive.

This activity is planned early on in the project and often test migrations are undertaken early on to provide realistic data for testing and training.

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