Construction Job Costing Software

Record all your job costs easily and accurately with our construction-specific accounting software, Evolution Mx.

Create easy to read job costing dashboards

Create easy to read job costing dashboards

Record all job costs in a single integrated system

Record all job costs in a single integrated system

See your job cost breakdown according to cost codes

See your job cost breakdown according to cost codes

Monitor job costs against budgets for total visibility

Monitor job costs against budgets for total visibility

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and record costs in construction job costing software instead

Every Finance Director knows that recording construction job costs accurately can be the difference between a profitable job and a failing one.

So why do you still rely on generic accounting systems not built for the needs of construction - or even worse - a multitude of different spreadsheets?

Get total cost visibility with job costing software

The only way to keep tight control of your contract costs is to record them accurately in a single, integrated system like Evolution Mx.

Our customers enjoy total cost visibility across all of their contracts - whether they have a handful or hundreds of jobs on the go at any one time.

Access to job costs, anytime anywhere

Give your team access to job costs at any time, whether they're on-site or in the office, thanks to our web-based job costing software. All they will need is a mobile device or tablet and an Internet connection.

Compare actual job costs to budget

Budgets can be imported against contracts from Excel, after being exported from your chosen estimating software. Budgets can be updated as the contract progresses, without having to overwrite, meaning you can store multiple budgets per job.

Being able to compare actual job costs against budget throughout directly within the job costing software means your team can be agile and proactive in managing costs, with no nasty surprises or hidden costs upon completion.

Break down job costs into your chosen cost heads

Our job costing software allows you to split job costs down into specific cost heads, which allows you to analyse cost heads individually and compare against budgets. For example, you could split job costs into Material, Labour and Plant, with another level of cost heads within Materials.

Alternatively, you can use our job costing software to break down costs by activity, such as stages, plots, phases or tasks.

How you split your job costs down is really down to your business and your preferences, and Evolution Mx allows for complete customisation.

See your committed costs easily

One of the key features of our job costing software, Evolution Mx, is the option to show costs relating to outstanding purchase orders alongside actual and total costs

Cash position views

As an alternative to showing actual cost and budget figures, it is possible to show the outstanding/unpaid elements of costs.

Sub job capability

Contracts can be totally independent of each other within the job costing software or can be defined as a ‘Parent’ job, beneath which individual sub jobs exist. Cost, budget and revenue progress can be tracked on both a combined and individual basis, e.g. phases, stages, plots, variations, etc.

Job Costing Software To Suit Your Business

Perfect for small and start-up construction companies looking for industry specific accounting and management software. Lite is also available on a PPCM basis.

Typically suitable for:

Small businesses looking for 'entry level' construction accounting software and job costing.

Evolution Mx Standard encompasses our award winning core features and can be enhanced even further with optional modules to suit your business. 

Typically suitable for:

Small to medium businesses looking for construction specific accounting and contract costing.

With Enterprise you'll get all of the Standard features plus much more. This is a highly powerful and customisable construction software package.

Typically suitable for:

Large construction businesses requiring powerful reporting & substantial user scalability options.

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Job costing software for total cost visibility

Our web-based accounting and job costing software helps more than 1,000 leading construction companies throughout the UK and Ireland keep tight control of contract costs.

Finish on time and in budget more often by recording all job costs in a single, integrated system. Evolution Mx allows your entire team access to contract costs, whether they're the Contract Manager, QS or in the Accounts team.

Importing your contract budget helps your team to track actual vs projected costs throughout the duration of the project, helping you to spot any potential overspends before they arise. Multiple budgets can be stored per job within the job costing software, which is ideal for keeping everything in one place.

Using construction-specific job costing software can help your business protect those tight margins and avoid going over budget without realising.

If you'd like to find out more about our award winning job costing software, complete the enquiry form to book your no-obligation demonstration today.