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HMRC delay penalties for RTI

If you’ve had letters from HMRC claiming that you’re being fined for late payment due to the new RTI scheme, you may benefit from a delay to the penalty charges.

SEPA extension confirmed by EC

The SEPA deadline has been pushed back by six months, giving many businesses the chance to make the switch more gradually.

Small UK construction firms to be paid sooner

Late payments have long been endemic in the construction industry, with Labour MP Debbie Abrahams claiming that a ‘culture of late payments’ is acting as an obstacle for small businesses and construction firms seeking expansion.

Amber alert issued after contractors conned

The National Crime Agency has issued an amber alert to the contracting industry following 34 reports of mandate fraud that saw contractors conned out of millions of pounds. They have warned contractors to be wary of criminals posing as suppliers or subcontractors and have offered helpful advice as well as a checklist to help prevent mandate fraud, as the reports have steadily increased over the last year.

Accounting for subcontractors; what they need to know

The construction industry relies on subcontractor labour, and ensuring that your firm manages its subcontractors appropriately and effectively is crucial if you are to achieve success down the line. How much accounts information should your subcontractors have access to, and how do you limit that access?

Eight major contractors spearhead compensation scheme for blacklisted workers

Almost five years on from the first distressing revelations of the blacklisting scandal, a group of eight of the country’s largest contractors have joined forces in order to establish a compensation scheme for workers affected by the scandal, a move lauded by many in the industry – including this construction software provider!