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UK construction industry: a 2015 review

2015 was a busy year for the team at Integrity Software, with plenty of new faces in the offices, dozens of new clients to welcome and a handful of large client events to host.

How to: plan for an accounting software upgrade

Now that company accounts are almost exclusively managed in digital form, the accounting software you use is essentially the foundation of the day-to-day management of your business.

Invoice finance for construction companies: everything you need to know

Most construction SMEs use specialist accounting software to monitor their company’s finances and keep a close eye on looming cash flow issues, but sometimes... vigilance alone is unable to prevent problems arising. In an industry that’s notorious for late payment and has irregular payment timings and structures, it’s likely that you’ll experience the occasional bottleneck as you have to wait for payments to be made. 

Four ways to improve staff management as a construction company

Skills shortages are driving rapid wage growth in the construction sector. While that’s great news for subcontractors, construction SMEs may struggle to maintain their margins and often have to compromise in other areas of the business to absorb these ever-rising costs.