Mobile Forms: Why you need to stop relying on paper documents in 2023

It’s likely that if you work in the construction industry, you have had to wait for paper-based documents to be submitted, located, or replaced on more than one occasion. In 2023 you shouldn’t have to be held back by the limitations of hardcopy paperwork or the lack of speed and security that comes with this archaic way of working.  

Read on to discover more about our Mobile Forms module, designed to modernise your form management and help digitise your construction business.  

What are Mobile Forms? 

Designed to slimline and speed up your administration tasks, mobile forms are digital documents, on the go. With this module users on site can complete documentation remotely and submit online, anytime from their mobile device. 

Why is it important? 

With convenience and integration with the rest of the Evolution Mx software, digitising your documents can help consolidate your administrative tasks into one easy to use solution. Workers on site can complete risk assessments, accident forms and any other kind of documentation, before saving it in Evolution Mx against a contract, supplier or subcontractor.  

Mx users can create reports and dashboards of the information compiled on mobile forms, including accidents and risk assessments, allowing quick and easy analysis. Alongside this you can ensure compliance with health & safety legislation by keeping track of related documentation directly in the Document Management module.  

What can it offer? 

Modern technology offers numerous benefits and whether you are looking to revolutionise your processes, or simply get that extra 10% out of your team, here are the top three reasons why people go digital. 


Submitted by signed in users on site directly to your system, to then only be seen by those with the appropriate clearance; with digital forms the security of your documents comes first. Eliminating hard copies removes the risk of loss and potentially sensitive information being accessed by unauthorised individuals.  


Mobile forms are not only more reliable, but also far quicker than having to wait on hardcopies being brought back to the office! With the convenience of being on a mobile device and submitted at any time (even without an internet connection), you’ll never be stuck waiting for document drop offs again. 


Sometimes even the most diligent administrator can misplace a document or file something incorrectly, they’re only human! With digital forms and our powerful Document Management module, all your documents can be automatically assigned to contracts; easy to find and can never get misplaced.  

How can we go digital? 

Digitising your paper-based forms with Evolution Mx and Mobile Forms is easy! Our team of experts help guide new users through the process and show how even traditional Word documents can be converted quickly and easily into digital forms. Digitising your businesses existing paper based forms will ensure your team(s) are already familiar with them, removing any barrier to completing them on a mobile device. 

To see how Evolution Mx and our Mobile Forms module could benefit your construction business, book your free demonstration here to get a personalised walkthrough of the system.

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