Custom forms: solving a common accounting software frustration

However, not all software is perfect. Free or restricted construction accounting software in particular may lack the functionality that managers require. If this is the case, staff quickly become frustrated with the software and may ditch it altogether, reverting to old-school methods to complete key tasks. One of the biggest problems with free software packages is their lack of flexibility. For example, the software may feature several form templates, such as timesheets or invoices, but not allow users to edit templates or easily create their own within the software. Do you struggle with this problem? Custom forms are the answer.

Traditional form templates in accounting software

Templates are used in multiple parts of accounting software – and they’re incredibly useful. They save us the hassle of creating our own databases, spreadsheets and forms, and let us slot information into them that’s used directly in other parts of the software without us having to re-enter information. However, unless it’s easy to edit form templates, the default forms can quickly become insufficient for your uses. You may be unable to add your own columns to forms or adjust layouts to better reflect the processes in your business. Additionally, you may not be able to link new columns to your database, so you may have to re-enter the data manually elsewhere for analysis. These frustrations mean that you may resort to pen and paper forms or create your own outside your accounting software, making the data entry process even more laborious.

Custom forms

Custom forms solve this problem by allowing the user to quickly and easily edit form templates or create their own from scratch within their accounting software. Columns can be linked to fields in the accounting database so that data can be added to it in just a couple of clicks. User definable forms provide all the flexibility your business needs without compromising the speed and efficiency of the default form templates in your software.

Mobile forms

Construction companies may operate over multiple offices and are likely to have key staff members on-site and out of the office during working hours. Many software modules now store forms in the cloud, meaning that they can be accessed from any internet enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. This function is a lifeline for construction companies. Timesheets can be filled in electronically on-site so that data is available immediately and in the correct format with no need to convert it. Form responses are saved locally until an internet connection is established, at which point they will automatically synchronise with the copy in the cloud.

Custom forms have the potential to streamline many key processes in your business. With the power to define forms that meet your company’s unique needs, you can save time inputting and processing data so that it’s ready for immediate analysis. 

Custom forms are a key feature of XCIPIO, Evolution M’s newest and most powerful module yet. Find out more about XCIPIO and contact your account manager to get started.

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