A Guide to Construction Software

What is Construction Software?

Construction projects today are becoming increasingly more complex to manage, and this is where construction software comes in. Construction software is management software designed specifically for the niche requirements of the construction industry, to help plan and control your projects from start to finish.

The need for modern construction software has continued to grow, particularly due to the construction industry’s move towards digital transformation as well as the need for more remote working. Using the right construction software can help businesses improve both productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Construction Software

Construction software has the potential to increase sales and efficiency, whilst decreasing costs and keeping teams better connected with managed workflows. 

By managing your contracts and projects with construction software you can streamline your business processes, and there are many other benefits of using construction software including:
•    A fully integrated system allowing you to manage all financial aspects in one place
•    Real-time access to data and dashboards
•    Easy workflow management
•    Accessible even when working remotely
•    Improved communication amongst your teams
•    Detailed project tracking and management
•    Quick and easy reporting

Whilst there may be a temptation to go with a generic accounting system, you are likely to run into a number of issues in the future. It can become difficult to use generic accounting software because the construction industry has so many specialist requirements including:
•    Retentions
•    Applications
•    Certifications
•    Valuations
•    Subcontractors
•    CIS Scheme

By using a construction-specific software you can effectively manage all the specialist requirements that come with operating in the construction industry.

Features of our Construction Software

Our construction-specific accounting and management software is used by some of the top-performing construction businesses throughout the UK and Ireland to record costs, boost margins and save time.

Our construction software, Evolution Mx is a fully integrated solution including:
•    Contract Management & Job Costing
•    Sales Ledger
•    Purchase Ledger
•    Nominal Ledger
•    Cashbook
•    Contractor Management
•    Payroll

Our construction software is further tailored to your requirements with the addition of optional modules, including Invoice Register for email-received invoice processing.

Because our software is construction-specific it can also handle all those specialist requirements mentioned earlier, such as the CIS scheme and verifying subcontractors with HMRC.

If you are interested in how our construction software can help your business boost productivity and efficiency, as well as much more, then book your free, no-obligation demo today.

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