Looking for a Sage Job Costing alternative?

Following Sage’s announcement that they will no longer support Sage Job Costing from October 2021, many construction companies are now looking for a new job costing alternative. 

This blog post will take you through the advantages of job costing when it comes to construction and will highlight why our construction-specific accounting software is the perfect Sage Job Costing alternative. 


Job costing uses the costs recorded to a specific project to determine the profitability of each job. Understanding the profitability of each job is essential, as this helps you understand what went right with a project, or what went wrong. A job costing system can help with this by being able to track projects in detail, including storing relevant information that can be included in reporting.

If you were previously using Sage Job Costing for this, our software Evolution Mx is a great alternative. Evolution Mx allows for flexible data views, allowing you to keep track of the profitability of your current projects. 

This can be even further enhanced using conditional formatting, allowing you to colour code your projects depending on whether they are within their budget or not. This allows you to keep control over your projects and easily monitor their profitability.

Accurate records

Accurate job costing relies on using timesheets to keep track of how many hours people are working on each project. This allows for more accurate information regarding profitability, as you have a better understanding of the labour costs for each project. 

Typically, timesheets have been created on spreadsheets using Excel, however the problem with these is that they are immediately outdated, with no way for them to automatically update they never have the most current information.

Our Evolution Mx software allows you to easily import timesheets from Excel, and allows them to be processed in one, single integrated system, meaning you can manage timesheets more efficiently. This also means that you have more up to date records, which can help with job cost estimating in the future, showing how our software is a suitable Sage Job Costing alternative. 


Job costing can provide detailed information on the cost of materials, labours and overheads, allowing for detailed reports and analytics that can help determine profitability for future projects. This can also provide analytics to help review financial information for specific periods, helping to determine business trends and highlight where cost saving opportunities may be available. 

Similarly, to Sage Job Costing, our software allows for customisable browser-based enquiry views and reports. This means you can view your business analytics in whichever way you choose, with the option to make custom reports alongside this. If your company likes to keep on top of your business trends, then our construction-specific accounting software is the perfect Sage job costing alternative. 


With Sage no longer supporting Sage Job Costing from October 2021, now is the perfect time to look in to finding an alternative. 

Our construction-specific accounting software is a fully integrated system that provides Job Costing solutions as well as many other functions including, Payroll, Subcontractor Management, and comprehensive reporting options. 

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