Construction software and customer support: why it’s important

Construction software needs a good standard of after-care support if it is to remain useful into the future. 

Construction accounting software isn’t just a product – it’s a service. The software’s features may form the bulk of your decision-making process when choosing which software package to upgrade to, but there’s another factor you must consider: the short-term and long-term support that your software provider offers you. It’s in both parties’ interests for you to be happy with your construction software, so you’d think that good quality customer support would be provided by all software companies. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many software companies try to cut costs by skimping on support or charging a premium to access their support services. Here at Integrity Software, we believe that customer support is a vital service that all our customers should have access to as and when they require it.

Helping in a crisis

We never think about the quality of a company’s support services when everything’s running smoothly. Only when something has gone horribly wrong do we turn to support. Supporting our clients through thick and thin is important to us, and a long-term relationship is beneficial – providing you with the stability and consistency that your construction company requires to operate at capacity.

If you’re struggling with your software or it’s suddenly not playing ball, you should expect a speedy response from the software provider’s support team. At Integrity Software we offer two primary channels of support: an online service, where we can use remote access to take a look at the problem for ourselves, and a telephone helpdesk service. Our dedicated support team responds to 99% of calls within an hour, and 92% within 20 minutes. We’re confident we can offer you speedy, high quality support whenever you need it.

Updates and improvements

Long-term support is crucial for construction software, given the ever-changing nature of the industry and its regulations. Integrity Software provides ongoing software updates, patches and fixes to ensure that your experience with our software continually improves. For example, we recently upgraded software for the real-time information payroll system and offered a dedicated training workshop programme throughout the UK.

We won’t leave you to deal with buggy software – when we find bugs (or users report them) we’ll immediately start finding a fix, which we’ll smoothly roll out to our users’ software.

Long-term support

Additionally, we offer support to our users in other ways: through regular webinars, workshops, road shows and think tank sessions. These events and sessions will help you use your software more effectively and give you the opportunity to discuss Integrity Software face-to-face, with other users and our staff.

Integrity also offers an optional system review, carried out by one of our senior consultants. The aim of these reviews is to assess your current use of the software and see if it remains suited to the needs of your company. We can reconfigure the software so that it’s a better fit for the changing structure of your business and help you make the most of underused modules.

Now we’ve convinced you that our service is up to scratch, what about the software itself? Arrange a demonstration to see Evolution in action.