Why You Should Be Using Dashboards in Your Construction Business

Dashboards are a brilliant way of displaying key information in a user-friendly, easy to read format. Not only do they ensure that your team have access to crucial information quickly and easily, but they also host a whole raft of other benefits. Read on to find out more.

Monitor performance in real-time

Perhaps the most important benefit of using dashboards is their ability to monitor and measure your businesses performance in real-time.

Gone are the days of exporting information from your construction accounting system, only for it to be out of date as soon as you hit ‘Export’. With dashboards, information is continually updated, meaning they are always up to date and in real-time.

Faster access to the information you need

Creating your own dashboards and populating with the information you regularly require access to will eliminate the process of generating a report each and every time. This in turn will save your business lots of time and make you far more efficient.

Better decision making

Dashboards make it easier and quicker to access key business data, and as a result you can make decisions quicker.

Ideal for the whole business

But dashboards aren’t just useful for your Senior Management Team; in fact they can be used by pretty much anyone and everyone throughout your construction business.

Users can set up their own dashboards in Evolution Mx to display the data relevant to them. For example, an Accounts Processing employee may choose to display the number of invoices posted, processed and approved, whereas a Contracts Manager may wish to have individual dashboards for each of the projects he is responsible for.

Areas of Evolution Mx can then be accessed directly through the dashboard itself, for example, a tile showing the number of invoices waiting to be processed can be clicked to take the user straight to the unprocessed queue.

Conclusion: Choose Evolution Mx to benefit from innovative dashboard functionality

Our award-winning construction accounting software Evolution Mx makes use of innovative dashboard technology, to allow users to create their own custom dashboards, drawing on data from a variety of different areas of the system. For the latest updates on dashboards and our software, you can explore our website here.

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