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RW Armstrong is a residential builder in Hampshire providing high quality refurbishments and renovations of country homes, as well as period townhouses and listed properties. In late 2020 the company upgraded to our newest software Evolution Mx software to help in their efforts to improve efficiency and margins, also taking on our Invoice Register module to cut hours spent on manual processing. 

When upgrading systems, RW Armstrong were keen to support remote working and wanted to expand their efficiency their using our ‘Time Portal’ module, which allows the business to capture remote time entry from employees in the field.

Time Portal allows users to submit digital timesheets for approval from any mobile device, and once approved these timesheets are synced with Evolution Mx and can be entered into payroll.  Supervisors and management staff always have an accurate, up-to-date view of the job as a result. 

Wasim Ahmed, Sales Director at Integrity Software, said: “I am pleased that RW Armstrong are not only are seeing the change they wanted with Mx, but are also choosing to take that momentum forward. I have no doubt they will find further growth with this latest addition to their system.” 

With access via mobile app and a completely customisable interface, Time Portal helps provide a comprehensive digital solution for your construction accounting and management needs. With benefits to efficiency and a simple onboarding process, even as an addition to existing Evolution Mx software, it’s easy for businesses to go almost completely paperless in 2023.  

If you would like to learn more about our Time Portal module, you can contact us here and book your demonstration today.