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Job costing information for an ambitious start-up

Ravensworth chose Evolution M construction accounts software

Ravensworth owner, Mike Roddam, and company secretary, Debbie Roddam, have invested a significant amount of time and effort into the construction firm they incorporated back in April 2012. As such, the pair sought a construction accounts management software system that would provide them with detailed and accurate job costing information whilst still remaining cost-effective. Mike and Debbie run their business using Apple operating systems too, so it was important to them that they could incorporate Mac-compatible software into their existing processes.

The challenges

Ravensworth Construction Services is a two-person start-up, and the family team of Mike and Debbie Roddam understandably prioritised a software system that would help them to implement business expansion whilst growing alongside their company. Mike was looking for an accounts management system that would not only streamline processes ahead of the firm’s projected rapid growth, but also display individual revenue streams independently of one another. Mike and Debbie decided that Evolution M was the construction accounts management software they needed to help overcome such challenges.

As a growing company, Ravensworth Construction Services works frequently with subcontractors. It was important to the Roddams that their accounting software could also help them better manage their subcontractors, automatically compiling and processing timesheets in order to save time and effort. Using Evolution M, Ravensworth Construction Services can now compare the prices offered by different suppliers in order to reduce job costs, and can even create new orders with one simple click.

Integrity Software will be proud to help Ravensworth Construction Services grow and achieve their incredible potential, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the promising firm.

To find out more about Ravensworth Construction Services, head over to their new Facebook page.