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HMRC claims that ‘over 80 per cent of data quality problems are caused by holding the incorrect information about an individual's name, date of birth or National Insurance number’.

Therefore before implementing the new RTI system, businesses must complete an ‘Employee Alignment Submission’ with HMRC to check that employee data held agrees.

Employee data checklist

Below we have summarised for you which parts need to be checked:

Full Official Name (Mandatory) – employee’s forename and surname must be entered in full. Check for correct spellings and make sure they are entered in the correct places.

Date of birth (M) – All employees’ date of birth must be validated against their birth certificate or passport with an entry format of DD/MM/YYYY.

National Insurance Number (M) – must be entered correctly. The number must begin with two letters, followed by six numbers and end with letter A, B, C or D. If at the time of submission the correct NINO is not known, it should be left blank.

Gender (M) – confirm gender ‘male or female’

Current residential address – confirm the current full address. It is recommended that this is validated against a utility bill, driving licence or any other valid document.

Establish right to work in UK – HMRC states that if a copy of an employee’s passport is made as part of the process to establish entitlement to work in UK then they would like to be informed of the passport number too.

New employees – The above information must also be checked when a new employee starts.


Integrity Software customers will receive a communication during December which will clarify exactly what preparation needs to be done ahead of the introduction of RTI.

Customers can register for an RTI training workshop by clicking here


Useful RTI information

Integrity Software is providing a series of training workshops to support its construction accounting software users through the introduction of Real Time Information in 2013.

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