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The Document Management module enables the attachment of any document to its appropriate record or transaction within the MCA system. Most document types are catered for including image files such as TIFF, Jpeg, PDF and Gif and other types including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Documents can viewed, e-mailed or printed at any time with access via either an intuitive Document Explorer or directly from the appropriate Mardak enquiry.

Document Management is ideal for an organisation with multi sites or field based staff. The traditional practice of holding documents in filing systems makes retrieval and viewing of them a lengthy process for all off-site staff. Document Management provides fast, easy access to files for all Mardak users regardless of location.

In addition to financial documents these can include architectural or CAD drawings etc... It is worth noting on this, that as with all other MCA modules, security levels can be set for all users to determine access eligibility, should you have sensitive documents. In addition to access levels, any type of document can be stored in an encrypted format for added security.

As well as storing all received documents, MCA also provides the facility for recording all produced documents, these include Sales Invoices, Applications, Purchase Orders, Payslips, Remittance Advices, Subcontractor Payment Certificates and Advices. Reports are held for later viewing or printing via the Document Explorer. All documents and reports generated within MCA are recorded and stored against the relevant account, contract or transaction at the time of processing.

Document Processing is a powerful facility complimenting Document Management, enabling the attachment of any document at time of processing. The attachment is fully automated by the use of sophisticated barcode recognition technologies.

Electronic document exchange is the natural development for a system with document management and processing in place. Simply, it is the electronic transmission of files, such as documents and reports. Benefits include the quick and all importantly, secure transmission of documents e.g. invoices, statements, purchase orders etc.... The instant transmission of documents speeds up the workflow process, ensuring that documents are delivered to the recipient immediately.

The main benefits of these additions to MCA include; accessibility of information to key personnel in your organisation, saving of resources - clients have commented on the extensive time which has been saved from filing, archiving and retrieval of documents since they have been held on the central database, lastly, these modules are eco friendly as they drastically reduce the quantity of paper and envelopes used by your organisation and also the storage requirements which your company may require for filing and archiving. Notably, this will also reduce your costs!

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