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We’re pleased to announce that one of Scotland’s premier fencing and decking suppliers, Redhouse Fencing, have decided to join the growing number of UK construction firms looking to the future with Integrity Software.

Redhouse Fencing is a rapidly expanding company, and as with many growing businesses, the company directors found that their existing accounting processes were no longer sufficient to handle the demands of increased trade and responsibility. As such, it was time to bring in a specialised construction accounts management system to help.

The Redhouse Fencing directors were faced with a choice when deciding which construction software system to opt for. They compiled a shortlist comprised of Integrity Software’s popular Evolution M system, the generic Sage accounts management software program and an alternative from rivals Redsky IT. After weighing up the pros and cons of each potential method, Redhouse Fencing were left with one clear favourite.

Integrity’s Evolution M construction accounts management system will help Redhouse fencing to streamline their accounts, undertake more accurate job costing process and better manage the challenges of tomorrow.

‘I’m delighted that we’ll be able to work with an exciting company in the shape of Redhouse fencing in future, and I’m sure that Evolution M will help them to overcome any of the related job costing, contract management or accounting challenges that all growing firms must confront over time’ said Integrity Software’s Managing Director, Justin Moule.

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