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Since its founding in 2000, MMD Construction has grown to become one of Ireland’s leading construction companies providing services that include design and build, commercial and residential projects, civil, infrastructure and general construction.

As a satisfied client using our Evolution M solution for over 7 years, MMD were keen to explore what other modules Integrity Software could offer them that would improve processes and give them greater access to detailed reporting.

Following a demonstration from Integrity Software of our new Business Analytics reporting tool, MMD Construction realised that they could utilise this additional functionality to great advantage and also introduce processes to manage Purchasing and Goods Receive Notes through a mobile tablet on site.

We look forward to working with MMD Construction and launching their new Business Analytics solution with them over the coming weeks ahead.

If you would like to realise the benefits of our powerful Business Analytics reporting tool or or Mobile Apps, call us today on +353 (01) 435 8531 or +44 (0) 3543 403040 or contact us here.