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Medlock Interiors Ltd anticipates a turnover of £5.75 Million for this financial year and employs 58 members of staff. They specialise in construction, fast track interior fit out and bar fitting to the leisure, health and fitness and construction market with a client list that includes many of the leading industry names.

Mardak™ construction specific accounting software was selected to meet all of the company's financials, contract management and reporting requirements. With their previous software they had been dissatisfied with the product support being provided. Once they became aware that there was no future development being planned on the software Medlock Interiors started looking into the marketplace for alternatives.

Colin Drury, Finance Director of Medlock Interiors Ltd commented, "We were looking for a system that would not only meet the functionality which we required but would also be supported by a company with whom we could develop a long term working relationship with."

After researching potential products, Medlock Interiors favoured the fully integrated Mardak™ system. Colin Drury observed, "We are really happy with Mardak Construction Accounts. The system looks incredibly straight forward to navigate whilst providing the extensive functionality we require. The integrated Document Management will improve the accessibility and speed of retrieval of information for our staff.

A major factor in our decision to sign with Mardak was the flexibility for the system to be tailored and configured exactly to our individual company’s needs. So far the team at Mardak have been excellent to work with and we are looking forward to developing a long and successful relationship with them."

For more information on Mardak™, please contact us here or call on +44 (0)1628 488900.