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The Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA) is driving forwards the campaign to encourage their members to actively become more environmentally friendly. The Charter requests that members not only take greater responsibility for their own impact on the environment, but that they also develop their products to help clients and users of their systems to create a greener future.

Mardak has always been committed to protecting the environment and finding new ways which will improve the company's green procedures. Signing up with the BASDA Green Charter is a reflection of Mardak's green ethics. The initiative encourages the industry as a whole to treat the environmental issue with the priority it deserves.

Mardak has developed a document management module for their construction accounting system, Mardak Construction Accounts (MCA) which allows for all documents created in the system, including reports to be stored electronically instead of printing and filing hard paper copies.

Mardak is very concerned with the levels of paper usage in offices and therefore also introduced the ability to email documents directly from their software. This enables all financial documents to be created in MCA and then sent to the relevant recipients without any paper or envelopes being used.

David Hammond, Managing Director of Mardak Ltd commented, “It is excellent that as members of BASDA we are working together to create a greener future. The BASDA Green Charter is an exemplary initiative which sets the standards for our industry to collectively adhere to. By doing so, our industry will therefore be supporting our clients and other businesses in the task of protecting our environment.

Mardak is an environmentally aware organisation and we strive to implement green initiatives in every aspect of our business. Throughout the development of our construction accounting system we write our software with the objective of facilitating and encouraging the reduction of paper usage and waste by our clients.

Mardak will use the BASDA Green Charter as a means of raising further awareness of such concerns among our staff and clients and to provide solutions to help protect our environment.”

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