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Integrity Software, providers of Mardak, the accounting and contract management software package, has recently launched a Plant Management module to provide construction businesses with greater control and financial visibility of their Plant assets.

Plant Management helps businesses to see the profitability of their Plant fleet and crucially, the cost each item creates for the business. This vital tool ensures costs associated with Plant assets are fully visible and attributed to the relevant job, providing greater accuracy into the true financial position of each contract.

Each item within the Plant Management module is associated a charge rate, for example weekly or monthly, which due to the integrated nature of Mardak, is then attributed to the relevant contract within the system.

A key challenge when managing Plant for a construction business is being able to monitor the utilisation and availability of individual Plant items. Within the Mardak Plant Management module, key personnel can quickly see live information showing which items are available, on hire, in for repair or due an inspection, helping to avoid costly errors when planning future jobs.

Full details relating to a Plant item can also be stored centrally within the system and reported on accordingly, information such as insurance details, specifications, supplier details and test dates. User defined fields can also be created to customise the module to the exact requirements of the user.

To cater for construction businesses managing Plant items across multiple depots, the Plant Management module allows for items to be quickly transferred between different locations, ensuring an accurate trail of an items’ location can be kept.

Justin Moule, Managing Director of Integrity Software commented “Following Integrity’s acquisition of Mardak less than 12 months ago, we identified a need amongst customers for a tool to efficiently manage Plant Assets. Since that time we have gathered feedback from the market and developed a highly functional, user friendly solution which is practical for construction businesses of all sizes to benefit from.”

Click here to view the full functionality of our Plant Management module.