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M&H had been struggling with a number of manual processes within the business.  This had ultimately created various issues around duplication of effort and inaccuracies of data. Also, there was a lack of visibility around real time reporting and up to date information. This was both time consuming and left the business with no real insight into detailed job costing analysis.

With the purchase of Evolution M, M&H Steel Fabrication Limited will be implementing a fully integrated, construction job costing and accounting solution which will eliminate all of these issues.

Alongside the powerful Document Management, dashboards and advanced reporting tools, Evolution M will enable M&H to have total visibility and transparency of all projects and costs.

We would like to welcome H&M Steel Fabrication Limited to the Integrity team and look forward to a successful partnership with them. For more information about Evolution M, visit our website or call us today on 03453 40 30 40 to speak to one of our team members.