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Lynskey Engineering Limited’s Finance Director – Kevin Carolan - found that Lynskey’s methods of job costing and account management within the current software package was unsustainable for the future of the company.

In the past, Lynskey’s team had been using Sage Commercial’s software, supplementing the missing features with complicated and fiddly Excel spreadsheet formulas. Understandably, this meant the processes of managing finances and production of management reports were hampered by manual data entry, and ultimately costing time and money.

Deciding that a complete fully integrated package was necessary, Kevin was referred to Integrity Software’s Evolution M by a client, and was pleasantly surprised to see that despite encompassing the entirety of what Lynskey Engineering required from job costing software, the menus and processes were extremely user-friendly and a perfect fit for those working in the construction industry.

If you're also finding your time spent with manual data entry and working with non-construction specific job costing software, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team to find out how we can save you time and money.