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“The information provided is current and well presented. The relaxed atmosphere makes the whole experience enjoyable. I also really liked the idea of being able to opt in and out of all the workshops.” Maria Demetriou, London Toughening Ltd

Speaker from The Pensions Regulator (TPR)

We were delighted to be joined by Andrew Fleming from The Pensions Regulator who gave a great overview on how auto-enrolment pensions will need to be addressed by employers. Andrew and his colleague Stephen Rowntree were also available after the session to answer questions which proved invaluable.

“I thought the presentations were very good. The guy from the Pensions Regulator was extremely helpful.” Mary Hopkins, E&S Heating and Ventilation Ltd


Accounts Clinic

Once again the Accounts Clinic was a popular zone as customers spent time working through their system, overcoming any challenges they were facing whilst exploring functionality they’re not currently utilising.

“Good opportunity to meet the team and discuss certain matters which would not warrant a support call.” Joanne Sabberton, Brian Sabberton Ltd



Presentations on CVR, Plant Management and Reporting

In the afternoon, the team explored the best practices of cost value reconciliation and looked at what businesses can do to more effectively manage their owned or hired plant assets whilst covering themselves in the process.

“The Product Workshop and the CVR sessions were quite small groups and I think that really helped the interchange of ideas. I picked up several useful tips which were not directly related to the subjects but arose in discussion.” Mary Hopkins, E&S Heating and Ventilation Ltd


Product Workshop

Chris Packham and the team also discussed customer’s ideas for the future development of our systems in the Product Workshop which was very well received and gave some interesting areas of development for the team to explore further.

“Great platform for looking at things that are in the pipeline and being able to give suggestions on what we would like for the future. Found this workshop great, a must on all future events.” Maria Demetriou, London Toughening Ltd