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Sleeping in a field on an icy October night, armed with just a sleeping bag and 'warm' clothing, is not the idea of fun for many. However, on the 7th October IT professionals will take time out to put themselves in the shoes of homeless children for whom sleeping rough is all too familiar.

Supporting Action for Children

With at least 75,000 children homeless each year the money raised at Byte Night goes towards Action for Children’s vital work to support vulnerable and neglected children and young people across the UK who are at risk of youth homelessness, helping to prevent them from ending up on the streets.

Byte Night is the IT industry’s annual sleep out in support of Action for Children. Each year hundreds of individuals and teams from across the IT and business community spend a night exposed to the elements in a bid to raise sponsorship and awareness of Action for Children’s work.

It all began 12 years ago when 30 individuals from the IT industry slept out and raised £35,000. Since then the event has grown to over 700 sleepers raising almost £550,000 in 2009 alone. Patrons, sponsors and sleepers include celebrities and leading figures, CIOs, systems developers, business managers, marketers and more.

Taking part

This year, Integrity Software Directors Stewart Holness and Joe Hanly will be sleeping rough at the London event, hoping to raise as much money as possible for this important cause.

Make a donation

If you would like to make a donation to support Stewart and Joe and help us reach our target for the Action for Children charity please follow this link to our fundraising page.

Thank you for your help and support.