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Each payroll software provider approached the introduction of RTI in their own way when the legislation came into effect back in April – some more successfully than others. While many providers experienced teething problems when implementing the new changes to their software, Integrity Software has taken RTI in its stride, to the benefit of the company’s construction clients.

Lesley Morden of Owen Pell Ltd said that tackling the changeover with Integrity went ‘so smoothly’ and that, using the more expedient RTI system, her firm’s ‘payroll end-of-year had been completed sooner than  ever before.’

Paul Coote at Green Steel and Cladding Limited was similarly impressed with the trouble-free implementation of RTI in Integrity’s Evolution payroll software. ‘I am really impressed with the excellent service,’ he said, and expressed his gratitude with the Integrity Support Team ‘for their help with the changeover to RTI.’

Integrity Software’s Customer Relationship Manager Kerrie Pittaway was delighted with the transition made by Integrity onto the new PAYE scheme, and with the positive feedback from customers. ‘It’s very vindicating to have made this potentially difficult process so problem-free’, she said.

‘Integrity’s success with the introduction of RTI is due to our commitment to construction-specific accounts and payroll services – unlike generic providers we know the ins and outs of the industry and can help our customers to comply with the new legislature. We also took steps to train many of our users ahead of April via our workshop training programme, and this personal service has certainly been appreciated.’