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Each year, the Construction Computing Awards showcase and reward construction computing companies for their technology, the tools they have created, solutions they have come up with and for the influence they have on projects of all sizes. As well as being an event to bask in reflected glory, it is a great opportunity for those in the industry to network, share ideas or plans, and have a little fun! In the past, Integrity Software have been won Product of the Year (2008), One to Watch Product (2009) and Construction Computing Team of the Year (2010), and this year, we are proud to reveal that we have been nominated for Accounting Product of the Year.

At Integrity Software, we are dedicated to bringing our customers only the most intelligent and supportive construction accounting software to ensure that they truly benefit from our services. We believe our product is more beneficial, unique and necessary due to the time we spend with each of our customers to ensure that the software meets their specific requirements, and that they are fully trained and equipped to use it to its full potential. We aim to make upgrading to our software as easy as possible, taking on the responsibility of installation and offering our support even after the product it up and running. 

We are pleased that our construction accounting software has been recognised for its quality, and has received a nomination for such a prestigious award. Whether we win, or simply get to revel in the joy of being nominated, our customer testimonials are more than enough to reassure us that our software is most certainly their accounting product of the year.

For more detail on the benefits of construction-specific software, contact a member of the team today.