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Strongbond Construction’s directors Bob Adams and Peter Watkins committed their firm’s future to construction-specific accounting software before Integrity had even acquired Evolution M - the product was then in its early days and operated by Mardak Ltd.

Bob and Peter signed up the Mardak accounting program back in 2003 - six years before the program was acquired by Integrity Software - and their firm has since enjoyed ten years of problem-free automated accounting thanks to its help.

There’s a reason why Bob, Peter and Strongbond Construction have stayed with Evolution M for the best part of a decade. ‘It gives us everything we’re looking for’ said Bob of the construction accounting software, before adding that, where contract and accounts data is concerned, ‘it just works.’

Integrity Software’s Managing Director Justin Moule is delighted to have enjoyed a partnership with Strongbond Construction for so long: ‘it’s great that firms like Strongbond Construction are so satisfied with our products that they’re prepared to stick by our side for years. It’s a ringing endorsement of our services and we’ll continue to strive to help construction firms handle their accounts as easily and cost-effectively as possible in future.’

Read the full case study here to see how Evolution M construction accounting software has been supporting Strongbond Construction for over 10 years.