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Whether during construction projects themselves or simply in the day-to-day running and administration of your business, you’ll be asked to reduce carbon emissions, minimise resource depletion and run your business in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. Easier said than done, you might be thinking, but could our construction software solutions help you to meet your green targets more easily in future through clever contract management and document storage, amongst other capabilities?

Reduce your paper trail

Business accounts processes traditionally mean reams and reams of paperwork – from contracts and invoices to applications and retentions, payslips and expenses sheets. Each of these documents would have to be written or printed out – sometimes in triplicate – which can result in wasted resources such as ink and paper, wasted energy and ultimately, more carbon emissions chalked up against your company. Construction accounts and contract management software, however, can help to reduce this wastage and make your firm a greener place in future. All of your accounts processes can be handled automatically, without recourse to printed documentation or time-consuming postage. Handling your accounts digitally will help you to meet green targets in future.

Reduce travel and transport

One of the major advantages of construction software is the ability to manage many aspects of your business remotely. Without construction software, tasks such as subcontractor management, job costing and monitoring applications and retentions would have to be handled in person, potentially requiring you to travel between multiple sites spread across the country or even overseas. With construction software, however, you needn’t leave the comfort of your office chair – you can complete all of the above tasks remotely, without wasting fuel, energy or money.

Asset management

Maintaining equipment is an essential process in the efficient running of a construction business. Over time, your firm’s assets such as plant items, vans and other equipment will become damaged, wear out and cease to work as effectively as they once did, potentially wasting more energy during operation than they did when new. Fortunately, construction software can not only account for the depreciation in value of your assets over time, but also help you keep track of when plant items, for example, are due for servicing, ensuring that any damaged or outdated equipment is replaced long before it can accumulate a negative carbon debt.

Document sharing

Sometimes, it’s necessary for construction firms to share documentation between various employees and managers, so that everyone is privy to the appropriate contract information at the appropriate time. Naturally, manufacturing dozens of printouts to hand out to your numerous employees will have a significant impact on your firm’s green credentials, and although you could email the document to the relevant parties, security and confidentiality would become a major concern. Our construction software programs contain built in document management facilities which can help you to share important documentation safely, securely and without unnecessary ink-and-paper wastage – ideal for maintaining your company’s green credentials!

Not only can construction software help your business to run more efficiently and effectively, it can also help you to meet green targets, too. Why not contact us today to find out more about how our software products can help your company this year?