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H & J Martin Ltd is based in Belfast and has four specialist divisions, Construction, Developments, Fit Out and Facilities Management. They employ over 200 staff and have an annual turnover in the region of £100 million.

H & J Martin Ltd is currently a Redsky IT client and has been using Summit 2000 for its accounting and contract management. Following their initial research into alternative systems, H & J Martin Ltd shortlisted Redsky IT, Tekton, Coins and Mardak for detailed product presentations.

In addition to standard accounting functionality H & J Martin Ltd had some specific requirements relating to their company set up which they were looking to meet. It was also essential that the product they chose could satisfy their multi currency and multi legislative requirements.

From the demonstrations H & J Martin Ltd was pleased to see that Mardak Construction Accounts could meet their main requirements. They made a visit to one of Mardak’s existing client sites, E G Carter & Co Ltd who had also previously been on a Redsky IT product (AXiM) prior to moving to Mardak.

Owain Davies, Group Accountant for H & J Martin Ltd made comment on this site visit, “We were given a full list of clients by Mardak to select from for our site visit. This enabled us to identify the company that most closely reflected H & J Martin Ltd. The Finance Director had many positive comments to make on the system, in particular the versatility of the reporting capabilities and the commitment to customer service that he receives from the Mardak staff”.

Having received demonstrations from the 4 shortlisted companies H & J Martin Ltd selected Mardak as the best fit solution. They progressed forwards with more detailed discussions and in depth product demonstrations of Mardak Construction Accounts.

Barry Kane, Group Financial Controller for H & J Martin Ltd, said “With four specialist divisions, H&J Martin Limited has diverse and demanding requirements for information management. It was a major challenge for us to find a system that would meet the requirements not only of the divisions, but also of the Group functions and those of the Board. At the same time the system selected had to deal effectively with multicurrency and multi-compliance regimes for VAT, subcontractors and wages.

Right from the 1st demonstration of the Mardak product, we were very impressed with the fresh and modern windows interface. The integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Outlook etc…) is excellent with good enquiry drill downs right through the system.  Through a rigorous selection process we found that the Mardak product was the best fit solution for our needs”.

Following the reference site visit and some detailed discussions, H & J Martin Ltd moved forwards to sign and become Mardak’s first client in Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted that H & J Martin Ltd has selected Mardak Construction Accounts as their new accounting and contract management software solution. They are our first client in Northern Ireland and we are looking forward to working closely with them to develop a long and happy relationship.” Martin Woolger, Director, Mardak Ltd.

Mardak provide fully integrated accounting and contract management software solutions to the UK and Irish Construction Industry.