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Interpreting numbers, sadly, the human mind is quite limited when it comes to understanding patterns behind a pile of naked numbers. For most of us to make any sense of data, we first have to reduce raw data into something intelligible. Information is far easier to assimilate when presented visually. 

Alternatively, this information can be displayed as a graph, providing a quicker indication of the figures.

The instant creation of graphs and charts from Mardak Accounts enables presentation of facts in visual form. A graph displays the relative sizes of values far more obviously. Graphical presentation is one of the easiest ways to compare numbers.

Via the Contract or Nominal enquiry screens you are now able to see the overall performance of your Contracts or Nominal accounts visually thus giving you an immediate picture helping you identify any problem areas.

Mardak allows users to view Contract values of Cost v Cash or Cost v Budget graphically via a histogram or a pie or bar chart can be selected to display costs only.

The Nominal ledger enquiry is also able to display graphs comparing Actual against Budget. This can be presented by either a histogram or a line chart for an accounting year.