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DK Services Group are a unique specialist contractor of technical systems and services working with clients such as Wates Living Space, Westfield and Abbeyfield. 

The company had been experiencing integration issues with their current software which they had purchased just over a year ago. Having reviewed other products on the market, DK Services Group decided to sign up with Evolution M which clearly stood out from the crowd.

No longer restricted to using two separate disjointed systems, the company will now benefit from a single integrated solution with improved workflow and processes making tasks easier to accomplish.

As part of their demonstration, DK Services Group were also impressed with the Document Management Module within Evolution M which means that documents such as payment remittances, purchase orders and invoices can be easily stored, retrieved and emailed or printed from anywhere in within the software.  Another example of how Evolution M seamlessly integrates with your current systems saving you time and resources.

Another clear winner for DK Services Group was that Evolution M is not simply an ‘out of the box’ solution bundled with features they don’t need. Evolution M gives them the standard functionality they require alongside an additional Document Management module, creating a bespoke system designed specifically for the needs of their business.  It’s a solution that will be future proof for many years to come and we look forward to working with and supporting DK Services Group on their launch in the coming months.

If you would like to know how Evolution M can help your business, contact us todayfor a free no obligation demo