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“Two days are rarely the same for me as the nature of my role can see me out visiting customers, attending product management meetings, or simply working from my desk in Colchester. However for the purposes of this article, I’m going to run through my typical day out on the road doing what I enjoy the most - visiting customers”.


“I’d like to say that every day starts at home, but more often than not it can be a case of having to look out of the Premier Inn window to establish which part of the country I am in. Nonetheless I have a pretty set routine of checking my emails to pick up on anything urgent over breakfast, before hitting the road to my first appointment”.


“Once I’ve arrived with the help of my semi-reliable Audi Sat Nav, (and a bit of help from Sue in the office) I have a final check of my emails before heading into my first meeting of the day, meetings that we refer to as a ‘Tech Execs’.


“A Tech Exec meeting sometimes will be required when a customer has a change of personnel or simply wants to explore how they can get more out of their system. These type of meetings take between 1 – 2 hours, during which time I meet with each user to understand how they use (or would like to use) their system and answer any queries, before going away and producing a report which details a plan of action.”


“When I come out of my first meeting, it’s often a quick calculation to work out how much time I have to get to my next appointment, which ultimately determines whether my lunch will involve a picnic in the car or a stop at a hotel.”


“Part of my role involves speaking with all different departments at Integrity on behalf of the customer, for example support, development, professional services and sales. I try to use my time between meetings wisely to gather information I need which allow me to update customers as required throughout the day – this is useful as I can never be quite sure when I’ll next be back at my desk.”


“The other type of meeting I am likely to attend (though preferably less frequently) is when a customer has particular concerns or queries that are best discussed face to face rather than over the phone. In these cases it is my responsibility to fully understand the customers concerns, translate these back to the relevant people at Integrity, and produce a plan with them to resolve. I often act as the customers’ main point of contact to save them having to talk to a range of different people within Integrity.”


“Once my final meeting of the day is done, I’m back on the road (hopefully heading home) where I am heavily reliant on the joys of the M25 before picking up the M11 on my way back to Colchester.”


“When I arrive home I look forward to the warm welcome received by my new puppy Molly which you can’t beat, before settling down with a glass of wine (or 2!) to relax and watch my favourite TV shows which often include cookery programmes – despite my husband claiming I still can’t cook – but I’d love to see him try!”

I am particuarly looking forward to seeing as many customers as possible at our new LIVE@ Events this year - I'll be in the Product Workshop Zone so please do come and join us!