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While all of our customers are primarily in construction, we also have those who also use our software to manage their accounts for subsidiary companies such as farms, garages, restaurants – and even ice cream manufacturers! Although our software is construction-specific, it is simply an accounts package that can be used for many ventures other than construction. Whilst the ability to track the finances of each different project is essential in construction, it can also be used to great effect to track the costs of different events, site locations or campaigns.

Evolution can be used to store all of your financial information in one fully integrated system, to track costs, manage your payroll and much more – so it stands to reason that it could be used for more than just construction accounts by those already familiar with how the system works. If you have a company outside of the construction industry, you may want to consider running an additional company on Evolution for your accounting software. Get in touch with us today to discuss the options available to you of purchasing additional company licenses for any of your subsidiary companies.