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“After I’ve battled into the office through the A46 traffic in my Vauxhall Corsa, I often arrive at my desk to find that my morning cup of tea is already on its way – Ashley (Gunn) is often the hero when it comes to the morning tea run.”


“I like to keep things nice and organised so when I come in I can get straight onto any ongoing calls from the previous day and any that were logged after 5pm. Some people have lots of emails to attend to, but mine are fairly manageable - I like to keep on top of them as much as possible.”


“With the urgent morning calls out of the way or progressing nicely, I can hit the call logger which is where we pick up new customer calls coming in. I typically pick up the calls logged for Evolution M though I do also get involved helping customers of all products with things like installing updates, assisting with server transfers and carrying out data investigations (my ‘favourite’ task!). That is of course until I have my mid-morning packet of crisps at around eleven, alongside another cup of tea - delivered by Ash with any luck!”


“By this time we’re all motoring through new calls – we have a plasma screen in our office which tells us how we’re performing against our 20 minute response targets and also shows us how many calls are waiting for our attention. Some calls last longer than others, like one call I took which lasted 122 minutes (!), but typically I’m able to ‘Teamviewer’ onto a customer’s machine and sort queries out quickly - usually around10 – 15 minutes - customers seem to love that we can do this, and I do too as it saves us a lot of time.”


“Once I’ve handled the last couple of calls it’s time for a bite to eat. I’m often trying to recall what is in my sandwich as I prepared it the night before so can’t always remember. If it's quieter over lunchtime I'll catch up on some emails and have a quick sandwich, cereal bar and piece of fruit – some of us eat healthier than others of course!


“Re fuelled after lunch, I can get back to my ‘workplane’ – this is what I like to call the setup of the computer screens on my desk. One of my screens has all my emails on and shows the support call log. The other has our software open and other directories which allow me to quickly jump around different screens and pieces of information to help answer calls as quickly as possible.”


“As the afternoon rolls on, it can start to quieten down which is a good time to send some emails over to the development team about new enhancement requests, for example. Sometimes I use this time to help out with any user testing required on new software, and will often talk to members of our Professional Services team helping with any questions they have while they’re on site with a customer.”


“As it starts to get to the end of the day, a quick glance up at the dashboard on the plasma screen helps us all see how the day has gone from a stats perspective. I personally use the time at the end of the day to plan my task list for the next day (told you I was organised) so I have a plan of action sorted for the morning.”


With another good day in support done, it’s time to get in the car and hope the Lincoln traffic is kind to me - I’m often shooting off to play a few games of squash with friends to relax, before back to my ‘workplane’ in the morning!