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“Anyone who has been to Marlow where our head office is based will know that it’s a lovely small town next to the river, however traffic getting in can be a bit of a nightmare on my 21 mile each way ride to work in my Volvo T5 (the one with the turbo!). I am known in the office in the mornings as ‘the one who burns the toast’ as I prepare my morning coffee and breakfast before firing up my emails and planning the day ahead.”


“My first job of the day is to run through my emails and ‘clear the decks’. As I’m sure most customers will appreciate, unless urgent, there’s often no point hitting the phones too early and interrupting people who are also busy setting up their own days.”


“The main parts of my role include calling customers regularly to check they’re happy with us and to see how the system is running, looking after customers’ support contracts, and supporting other departments as required. For example I send surveys to customers currently implementing new software on behalf of the Professional Services team, or pick up admin tasks for various people while they’re out on the road. On occasions I also act as a ‘personal sat nav’ for various people (Kerrie!).”


“Mid-morning is often a great time to speak to people. At the moment I am calling customers about our new Customer Communication Programme which you may have seen. This involves our new LIVE@ Events (first one in March in Coventry), the new LIVE@ Webinars (you may have attended the one on Pension Reforms), and our new monthly newsletter (which is where I imagine you’ve seen this article). I’m really excited by all the new activity and am planning on going to the Coventry event so I hope to meet as many of you there as possible.”


“More often than not, come rain or shine I go for a walk into Marlow at lunchtime. However as a treat I have been known to pop to our local Asda’s where they have a conveniently dangerous McDonald's for a treat. Lunchtime can also be a good time to catch up on some admin and emails while the phones are quieter.”


“One of the things I enjoy about my retention calling – i.e. calling customers to check all is ok (or pick up when not) – is that a call can spin off into lots of different areas. Sometimes customers may have a small niggling issue relating to anything to do with their system or account, and I enjoy getting to the bottom of, and resolving these types of niggles.”


“Being the main point of contact for support contract renewals, I pick up on queries throughout the day and try to use the quieter calling times to deal with the majority of admin that goes with it, but some items are more urgent than others and as such are done there and then – I don’t like to leave things hanging over to the next day unless I can absolutely help it.”


“A new task I have recently started is contacting customers who are in the process of implementing a new system or piece of functionality, to check how it is all going at what can be a hectic time for them. This has gone down really well and has already helped me to provide some useful feedback to our Professional Services team. It also gives the customer another voice to talk to and share what’s on their mind, positive or negative, which is what I’m here for!”


“By the end of the day I’m often looking ahead to a jam-packed evening whether I’m off to watch my husband in his band, or coach at my local salsa class.”