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“I’m a family man, so when I’m not on the road at 6am, I can usually be found doing the school run – not sure what’s worse! The varied nature of my role can either take me off to see a customer or to one of our regional offices. For the purposes of this article I’m going to focus on a trip to my local office which is based right by Gatwick Airport in the Beehive, which is the original terminal building at Gatwick airport!”


“When in the office my day always start with a trip to Costa Coffee before heading in to join the team in the office, which is predominantly full of our software developers. This is useful for me as the developers are often working on new pieces of functionality based on a specification I have written to match a customers’ requirement. Much of my time in the office is spent clarifying things with the development team so we make sure we get new functionality right, whether this is from a screen design or functionality perspective.”


“Another large part of my role, and probably the part I enjoy the most, is managing what we call ‘the PMG’. This stands for the ‘Product Management Group’ which is an internal team that comes together every quarter to discuss the mid to long term development road map for Evolution and Evolution M. We see customer input into the future of our systems’ functionality extremely important and as such are going to start asking for feedback more frequently, be it via our LIVE@ Events or simple online surveys – please look out for these, your feedback is valued!”


“While at my desk I can often be found catching up on calls and meeting actions if I’ve been out on previous days, writing specification documents for new development work required, or simply helping other departments such as Support, QA and our Professional Services team with technical queries they come across during the day.”


“For lunch I either have the option of a decent café just around the corner from the office, or if I’m heading out to see a customer, I will pick something up along the way! For the purposes of this article, today I’m heading out to see a customer which can be for a varying number of reasons.”


“I can either be going out to see a customer who wishes to use the software to implement a new process into their business, outside of the system’s current capability, or perhaps visiting a customer who simply wants to get more out of the system and make full use of the systems’ ever growing capabilities, which is also a regular occurrence.”


“I tend to oversee and be involved with new functionality from beginning to end, i.e. meeting with the customer initially to understand what they’re trying to achieve, writing and communicating the specification for the development team and then overseeing the roll out of the new functionality to check the desired outcome is being achieved. As such, my meetings with customers can also be review type meetings, and with some of the accounts I work with regularly, there is often a long term rolling road map in place.”


“Another reason I may find myself out of the office is when attending our new LIVE@ Events. I lead the Product Workshop Zone where we discuss and brainstorm with customers how we can utilise the software to manage areas such as HR and CRM amongst other things. I really enjoy this, and look forward to seeing as many customers as possible participate at your local LIVE@ Event.”