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I am always in early to open up the Lincoln office and once I’ve started up my PC and made a brew, my aim is to make sure everything is ready to go for the day ahead, checking that we are ready to jump on any urgent enquiries which have come in overnight. I therefore start by checking through emails, listening to answer phone messages and logging support calls on our system ready for the team to jump on when they arrive.


There are five ladies in my Call Centre team including Mandy, Melissa, Karen and Chloe. It’s our sole aim to answer phones as quickly as possible and direct your enquiries to the correct place. Once you phone us we log a call on our internal system which is then passed through to the next available support person who calls you back as quickly as possible. Our Support service opens at 9:00 so I switch the phones on at 08:30 to pick up any problems users are having first thing with their system.


The Support service is now officially open and the Call Centre team is up to capacity. Up until about 10:30 there is a constant stream of phone calls and emails – we receive approximately 300 emails a day across all of our products. Alongside answering calls I also keep a check on visitors and internal meetings taking place that day – we have 40 members of staff in our Lincoln office but receive lots of visitors from other offices (it’s a job trying to keep a track of who’s here!).


After the morning rush we can draw breath, grab a quick cup of tea and start picking up on some of our other tasks. One of our responsibilities is to phone customers back to give them their registration codes needed to access the software. That said we always prioritise urgent license expiry calls and chase them through to get a resolution as quickly as possible.


I get involved in all kinds of things during the day here in Lincoln, including everything from organising lunch for internal meetings to facilities management issues such as the lift not working, lighting issues or when the copier breaks down. I try to get these issues resolved either first thing or after the early morning rush before lunchtime – fortunately the photo copier is only just outside our office so I don’t need to go far to ‘nudge’ it back into action!


Lunchtime can be a busy time as not only do we have less resource in the Call Centre but understandably this is often the time when customers take a break in their own day jobs which can lead to them logging calls for issues they’ve had during the morning. So lunchtime can be another time where we’re constantly taking phone calls and logging emails.


After 3pm we’re down to three in the Call Centre however it is generally quieter which gives us a chance to catch up on some other tasks and prepare for the next day ahead of home time. If you do ever visit the Lincoln office, please put your head in, it’s always great to put a face to the names of people we talk to often (albeit very briefly!)