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Move up to Evolution M

Move to Evolution MEvolution M is our new construction accounting and business management system

Available as a cost effective upgrade for Evolution customers. Evolution M can help you save time, gain more control and greater accuracy.

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Upgrading is more straightforward than you might think...

FolderThe process of upgrading is very structured and you are well supported to:

a) limit the disruption of change to your business and,

b) make sure you are able to gain maximum benefit from your new Evolution M system.

Explore the 8 week process

In just 8 weeks, you and your team could be experiencing the benefits of upgrading.

Weeks 1 - 2 | Weeks 3 - 4 | Weeks 5 - 6 | Weeks 7 - 8


Week 1 quoteWeek 1

Your first step to upgrading onto Evolution M involves a visit from our Professional Services Manager to plan the timeline of your upgrade from Evolution.

Therefore by the end of the first week:

  • We’ve helped you decide on the best date to Go Live on your new Evolution M system
  • Convenient dates have been booked for your users to begin the Upgrade Training Programme
  • Evolution M has been installed on your PC's with access to a Test company containing your data


Week 2 quoteWeek 2

Now that your new Evolution M system is installed with your data, you’re ready to start our dedicated Upgrade Training Programme.

Within just two weeks:

  • All system users have begun the straightforward Upgrade Training Programme
  • You and your team will have developed an understanding of how to access and navigate Evolution M
  • Module specific training notes are left with your team to help reinforce what has been learnt

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Week 3 quoteWeek 3

With your training on Evolution M underway, the Upgrade Training Programme continues by running through your purchase ordering process, along with managing your suppliers and subcontractors. Training at this stage also introduces you to the system’s fully integrated Document Management.

At the end of week 3:

  • Your team is building confidence using Evolution M purchase ordering process
  • Start storing and sharing files such as your emails, images and drawings within Evolution M
  • Verify new subcontractors automatically with HMRC in one click


Week 4 quoteWeek 4

The next stage of the Upgrade Training Programme focusses on getting your team familiar and comfortable with day to day processing within the system and being able to quickly create essential reports and lists using the systems’ advanced integration with Microsoft Excel and Word.

After just 4 weeks:

  • Users are gaining confidence of day to day processing within Evolution M
  • Your team start to realise the time saving benefits of the systems’ user friendly integration with Excel and Word
  • Employee data is prepared ahead of Payroll training in week 5 

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Week 5 quoteWeek 5

A diverse week. Firstly we’ll get your Payroll staff fully trained up for securing, managing and running their first Payroll. Then, the Upgrade Training Programme works with your accounts and commercial teams to help them get to grips with the powerful contract management facilities provided by Evolution M.

  • Your Payroll expert is confident and ready to run their first Payroll
  • Accounts and Commercial teams understand how to analyse contract information
  • Managers have the option of viewing high level financial information remotely via the Dashboard


Week 6 quoteWeek 6

It’s Go Live week. But before you run your first Payroll, the Upgrade Training Programme makes sure your Sales Ledger is setup correctly and your team are comfortable processing sales transactions.

After 6 weeks:

  • Payroll Hand Holding day complete
  • The final setup of Evolution M is complete
  • You’re live on Evolution M in just 6 weeks

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Week 7 quoteWeek 7

At this point you’re live on Evolution M. We check that your team are processing data through the system successfully and provide the opportunity for users to ask any final questions. We then turn our attention to looking at all the different ways Evolution M can be utilised to extract information into powerful business intelligence.

At the end of week 7:

  • Opportunity for users to ask questions following Go Live
  • Users and managers confident day to day reporting requirements are being achieved
  • New level of analysis now available with more complex management reports 


Week 8 quoteWeek 8

So you are live on Evolution M, your team is confident using the system and managers are able to extract the data out of the system as required.  The final part of the Upgrade Training Programme focusses on implementing the advanced modules chosen in Evolution M, for example the Cost Value Reconciliation and Subcontractor Authorisation of Payment modules.

  • Fully live on all aspects of Evolution M
  • Beginning to experience the true benefits of upgrading to Evolution M
  • Back in contact with the support team you know and trust

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