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Important Payroll Information

Below provides important information regarding the Payroll changes included within Evolution version 7.3.1

Evolution 7.3.1 - What's included?

Evolution 7.3.1 will be available to download from 19th Dec 2012

  • P2C details from the Revenue can now be imported via Personnel Details. This will import the Tax Cutoff & Credits values and also the USC Bands & Rates for each individual
  • The P35L export has been converted to the correct format for 2012 year end
  • The validation on PPS Numbers for Subcontractors now allows for a 9th character to accommodate the extended format which will start to be issued from January 2013
  • P60s now view and print without delay on Windows 7
  • Week 53 USC calculations are now applied correctly for both cumulative and week 1 methods (please contact Support if you have a Week 53 in 2012)

Important: You will need to calculate your final weeks/months pay on your current version of Evolution, before installing the new 7.3.1 version.

Download Evolution 7.3.1

Evolution 7.3.1 will be available to download from 19th Dec 2012

1. Complete all of your Payroll calculations / Subcontractor payments for tax year 2012

2. Access and read the supporting documentation here »

3. Download the new Evolution version 7.3.1 here »

4. Refer the the 'How to download & install Evolution' and 'Running the Test to Live Routine' guides here »

5. Perform the year end procedure (print P60s, generate and send the P35 XML file for 2012 and close off the year)

6. Read all the documents relating to the new tax year (PRSI, USC and Importing P2C bands) before making any Payroll calculations in 2013