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Important Payroll & RTI Information

This web page is designed to help you load the new version and make you aware of new features included in Evolution 7.4

Installation instructions | Details of what's included in 7.4

Instructions for installing Evolution version 7.4

We recommend that the update is installed immediately to ensure you are fully prepared before processing your Payroll Year End.

1. View the step by step guides

2. Download Evolution Version 7.4

3. Download Integrity E-Filing Version 2.30

4. Cleanse your employee data

  • In preparation for implementing the new Real Time Information system. Visit the RTI Knowledge Centre for more information.

5. Complete Payroll calculations / Subcontractor payments

  • Complete all of your Payroll calculations / Subcontractor payments for tax year 2012-13

6. Perform the year end procedure

7. Read all the documents relating to the new tax year before making any Payroll calculations in 2013

  • Updating Tax, National Insurance Bands & Rates 

Evolution 7.4 - What's included?

  • Payroll 2012-13 Year End
  • New automatic ‘Update NI’ facility for 2013-14
  • Pre-RTI data validation routine
  • RTI functionality from April 2013



To help you implement the new HMRC Real Time Information process in Evolution and answer your queries we have created an online RTI Knowledge Centre.

Click here to view »