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Reverse Charge VAT is coming - is your business ready?

HMRC is changing the way VAT is handled by construction businesses in the UK from 1st March 2021 with the introduction of the new Reverse Charge VAT legislation. 

It's expected these changes will negatively impact more than 150,000 construction businesses, but despite this there is still very little awareness of these new rules.

With this in mind, we have put together a FREE 10-page guide with everything you need to know to ensure your business complies.

What's in our free guide?

  • Download our free guide today and you'll find out:
  • What is Reverse Charge VAT?
  • How this could affect you
  • What you need to do now
  • What supplies will Reverse Charge VAT cover?
  • Completing VAT return entries
  • How can our software help?

Download the free guide now