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Business Analytics & Dashboards

Our Business Analytics & Dashboards module is used by some of the UK & Ireland's top construction companies to instantly generate business reports with the most up-to-date information using Evolution Mx.

With Business Analytics you can generate customisable business reports that can be exported straight to Excel or Word.

Our user-friendly, configurable Dashboards provide real-time visibility to your teams by displaying key information overviews, allowing your teams to manage projects more efficiently.


Easily Access your data through any web-based device

Display information in a variety of formats for an easy overview

Can be easily configured to be relevant to each individual user

Total and constant visibility of real-time, high level information

Business Analytics & Dashboards

Access important business information with the touch of a button with our Business Analytics & Dashboards module and have the ability to easily filter, format and chart the data you require to fully understand and visualise the information.

Benefits of Business Analytics:

  • Dashboards with visual graphics

  • User-definable, with drill down options

  • Configurable reporting across the whole system

  • Web-based, via any browser

  • Easily accessible, from any device


In order to easily visualise important company data, you can customise multi-tile dashboards that cover all areas of Evolution Mx. These can be created specifically for each user, showing only the information they need to see.

Our Business Analytics module can be used by anybody you specify in your company, allowing them to access real-time, high level information. This could be useful for Directors and Board members, as well as site based staff, as they can access any data they need to see without relying on other people to generate it for them. 


With our Business Analytics module, it really is up to you how you display information and create reports. You are in control of what fields of information are being used and who has access to it.

Users can have the option to customise report layouts, including conditional formatting and criteria selection drop downs. With this module, you can present data exactly how you prefer, whether that be in traditional lists, charts or graphs and including drill down options.

From the Business Analytics module, users can seamlessly export data with no loss of formatting, allowing you to present the data as you require. 


Because of our web-based technology, Business Analytics is accessible through any web browser. This is perfect for real-time reporting and means even remote workers can easily access the information, using their preferred device, whether that be laptop, tablet or phone.

Construction Accounting Software To Suit Your Business, Whatever The Size

Whether you're a small contractor or an enterprise-level construction business, we have a construction accounting and job costing software package to meet your needs and make running your accounts department more efficient.

Perfect for small and start-up construction companies looking for industry specific accounting and management software. Lite is also available on a PPCM basis.

Typically suitable for:

Small businesses looking for 'entry level' construction accounting software and job costing.

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Evolution Mx Standard encompasses our award winning core features and can be enhanced even further with optional modules to suit your business. 

Typically suitable for:

Small to medium businesses looking for construction specific accounting and contract costing.

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With Enterprise you'll get all of the Standard features plus much more. This is a highly powerful and customisable construction software package.

Typically suitable for:

Large construction businesses requiring powerful reporting & substantial user scalability options.

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