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Natta recognised that their previous system was not fulfilling the company requirements of their accounting product. Paul McKane, Financial Controller of Natta, looked at the different options available, including Evolution M from Integrity Software.


Construction Accounting & Business Management SoftwareNatta Building Company Ltd is a specialist contracting company, renowned for expertise in both infrastructure installation and contamination land remediation.

The company is well known for its ability to successfully handle unusual or special projects, particularly those with environmental or conservational elements. Based in Farnham, Surrey; Natta carry out work predominantly in the South East of England.

The challenge

  • Flexible accounting package to support business processes such as Payroll
  • Stable and intuitive system to limit disruption
  • Improve customer support received

Natta finally made the decision to leave their previous accounting solution after they became increasingly frustrated with the inflexibility of their previous product.

Inflexible Payroll system

They found themselves limited by areas where it failed to meet the businesses requirements. In particular the Payroll system could not cope with the value codes which were required and was not able to handle costed and non costed employees.

Un-user friendly solution

They also found that endless bugs made some areas of the system unusable. “Our work had become quite stressful as problems with the system led to delays in being able to process our work and not being able to process information as required.”

Commented Paul McKane, Financial Controller of Natta Building Company Ltd. “Added to this, we were extremely dissatisfied with the level of product support which was offered.

Unsatisfactory customer support

When telephoning the help desk, it was not unusual to spend long periods of up to 90 minutes on hold and if we logged our requests, they often were not responded to at all!”

The solution

Natta recognised that their current system was not fulfilling the company requirements of their accounting product. Paul McKane, Financial Controller of Natta, looked at the different options available.

As a former MICAbuild client, he was aware that many of the former MICAbuild team had developed and released a new product to the marketplace, Mardak (now Evolution M).

Paul McKane’s first step was to contact Mardak and arrange a product demonstration. Paul said, “When I saw the product demonstration I was very pleased. The product appeared to share the same logical approach which MICAbuild followed but it was obviously far more modern and had greater functionality and features – meeting all ou requirements.

I was confident that Mardak Ltd were able to provide the right solution to meet our needs. I invited Martin Woolger, Director of Mardak Ltd, to come back a few weeks later and provide a full demonstration to our accounts department.”

The result

Fast, well managed implementation

We went live within 4 months of signing with Mardak Ltd. We were absolutely delighted! In our previous experience with our software provider, it had taken 2 years to go live so the contrast was extremely apparent. From the outset Mardak assigned us with a Project Manager. He worked on our data migration and kept me updated of the progress along the way. He had a genuine enthusiasm for the product and for his work with us.

This was not only infectious but provided us with great peace of mind that our migration was being carried out by a hard working and committed individual. Given the usual anxieties associated with migrating to a new system, the confidence he bestowed was invaluable. On “Go Live” everything went according to plan with the complete system up and running.

Flexible system, powerful reporting

Basically the whole process ran as smoothly as you could have asked for. We have been and continue to be extremely happy with the product Mardak Ltd (now Integrity Software) sold to us. In particular, the reporting has made life much easier. The flexibility to tailor and modify reports to meet specific requirements has made a great difference to administrative time involved.

Reports can be run to provide only the relevant information for specific department’s interests. Not only has this saved on printing costs, but Department heads are visibly relieved that they no longer have to trawl through 100+ page report just to locate the information which they need.

Friendly and fast product support

We rarely require product support, but when we have, we log our request through the system. We always receive a phone call back within 30 minutes, obviously sometimes things take a bit longer to rectify but we are always kept updated with the progress. The support offered by our previous supplier caused endless problems for us, so it has been a real relief that Integrity Software place such a great emphasis on product support and customer care.

Since we have been using Evolution M (Mardak) our business has grown by 20%. Despite this we have not needed to employ additional accounting staff and can honestly say that the product has led to our workload decreasing. We always meet our deadlines well in advance with no panic or stress to process transactions. Finally, but importantly, since migrating to Evolution M (Mardak) our staff have been much happier!