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As a small, one-user firm, Mitside Construction benefits from Evolution M as a system that provides the company with comprehensive functionality without being unnecessarily complex or difficult to use.


Despite previously trading under a different name, Mitside Construction has been established for more than 20 years, providing general building work to and working on an intimate, one-user basis with clients including Sky and VISA. Mitside Construction has a long-standing relationship with Integrity Software, and the switch to Evolution M represented the firm’s fourth accounts management system from Integrity. Mitside’s relationship with Integrity software has progressed as the company itself has grown, starting out with our DOS-based FBS system before progressing through Foundation to Evolution and finally to Evolution M.

The challenge

Mitside Construction’s Mark Pipe doesn’t come from an accountancy background, so when it came to selecting a construction accounts management program that was right for his business he naturally wanted something that was straightforward, transparent and easy to use. Mark wished to handle Mitside’s accounts and job costing himself, so an excessively complex or convoluted system would not have suited his needs. Mark chose Integrity Software, and the fact that he has been able to manage all of Mitside’s accounts and job-costing processes himself is a testament both to his own ingenuity and to Integrity’s user-friendly interface. When Mark became aware that Evolution M had been developed, he felt that it represented the next logical step for him and his company.

A natural progression

Over the years, Mark had used a number of Integrity Software’s construction accounts management programs, from FBS in the early days of Mitside Construction right through to Evolution over the last few years. In 2012, Mark became aware of Integrity’s Evolution M system and decided that the time was right to upgrade Mitside’s account management software once more. While some potential customers feel that only large firms can benefit from Evolution M, Mark was undaunted, certain that the system would provide his company with simpler workflows and clearer reporting to help him prepare to operate PAYE in real time (RTI). All things considered, Mark felt that it was time to upgrade from Evolution to Evolution M.

Why Integrity Software?

Mark and Mitside Construction have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Integrity Software in the past, so when the time came to upgrade from the company’s existing Evolution accounts management software there was only one logical choice. Mark was dreading the onset of RTI and felt that Evolution M would help him to handle the process with a minimum of fuss. He subsequently received training at the hands of Integrity Software and felt that this - alongside the user-friendliness of the Evolution M system - helped him to prepare for RTI and upgrade from his existing software without a hitch. Mark says that the Integrity training was so in-depth and helpful that he ‘hasn’t had to phone the support team once’ since Evolution M has gone live, and he continues to handle Mitside’s accounts and job costing processes himself to this day. Mark would recommend Evolution M to other building firms - large or small - as the system is ‘very much designed for the construction industry’ and provides a user-friendly solution to Mitside Construction’s needs.