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Time Portal

Track time on the go with our easy to use app

Seamless payroll integration

Attribute labour costs to contracts


Updated in real-time in Evolution Mx

Easy to use construction timesheet software

Go paperless with our construction timesheet software

The Time Portal module provides an easy to use cloud-based mobile time entry interface for your employees in the field.

Our construction timesheet software Time Portal is the perfect way to update your company’s time entry collection method and modernise your office’s digital tools. It is now easier than ever to go paper-free for all your company’s timesheet needs.

Simple to use

Accessible via mobile app, entering hours worked is really easy for your employees in the field to do. They can either select a start and finish time, or a specific number of hours within the construction timesheet software.

Input breaks & travel time

Employees can also log time spent traveling to and from site, along with their regular break times.

Set weekly & daily limits

You can set up weekly and daily limits within the construction timesheet software to prevent employees from recording too much time into the portal.

Simple onboarding

It’s really easy for you to set new employees up yourself, and enroll them with a simple email invitation. All they need is their company email address to get started with the construction timesheet software.

Approval workflows

Once the time is submitted by the employee, it can be entered into a workflow for approval. Nominated supervisors can then approve or reject time entries, before they enter Payroll.

Payroll integration

Our construction timesheet software provides an easy way to get hours worked from timesheets into the Payroll system. No more waiting for paper timesheets to make their way back from site, as data is uploaded to Evolution Mx live.

Configurable dashboards

As with all areas of Evolution Mx, data collected from the Time Portal can be presented in configurable dashboards for a bird’s-eye view. See time recorded last week, this week and this week day by day.

Request & record annual leave

The Time Portal app also allows employees to request annual leave, which is then entered into a workflow to be approved or rejected by their supervisor. The construction timesheet app also allows them to keep track of their users and remaining allowances.

Construction Software To Suit Your Business, Whatever The Size

Whether you're a small contractor or an enterprise-level construction business, we have a construction accounting software package to meet your needs and make running your accounts department more efficient.

Perfect for small and start-up construction companies looking for industry specific accounting and management software. Lite is also available on a PPCM basis.

Typically suitable for:

Small businesses looking for 'entry level' construction accounting software and job costing.

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Evolution Mx Standard encompasses our award winning core features and can be enhanced even further with optional modules to suit your business. 

Typically suitable for:

Small to medium businesses looking for construction specific accounting and contract costing.

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With Enterprise you'll get all of the Standard features plus much more. This is a highly powerful and customisable construction software package.

Typically suitable for:

Large construction businesses requiring powerful reporting & substantial user scalability options.

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