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Estimating Software for Construction | esti-mate

esti-mate offers a fully integrated range of estimating and post-contract solutions.  



esti-mate has been designed by Estimators for Estimators and is perfect for other construction professionals such as Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Contract Managers, Building Surveyors, Buyers and Site Staff.


Estimating Module

The estimating module produces quotations, schedules and traditional bills of quantities with descriptions and prices created from labour, plant, material resources contained in our comprehensive libraries.

The estimating module allows a bill of quantities to be simply and quickly prepared in a variety of ways and printed as a set of professional documents, making this an invaluable tool for builders, estimators, sub-contractors and architects.

Tender Adjudication

This additional module analyses all of this information on one comprehensive screen. The tender adjudication module is a powerful tool for finalising tenders. It allows you to make adjustments quickly and easily and provides you with a global profit figure instantly.

This module is a must for estimators and senior management who wish to manage their financial risk when finalising tenders. There is a great depth of analysis and flexibility within this module.

Enquiry and Comparisons

Packages may be sent out as enquiries within the estimating system to any number of subcontractors using e-mail or printed documents. When quotations are received this software module allows you to compare rates in a variety of ways and allows you to select a subcontractor's rates for automatic update of the estimate.

The Subcontractor Enquiry and Comparison module allows the Bill Items to be allocated to Trade packages. 

Builders Take off

Builder's On-screen Take-off allows you to take off linked measurements from PDF drawings (on screen) directly into the standard dimensions system - and you don’t need anything other than your mouse! The drawing is marked up with the measurements for each item you measure including deductions for openings. The modules captures and saves all measures on drawings for future use and measurements are used to mark-up drawings in colour.

Bill Importing

Accessed from within the Estimating Module, Bill Import allows the enquiry process to be carried out in parallel with the estimating process. This fully integrated module allows estimates to be quickly and easily created from CITE files, Microsoft Excel, CSV or ASCII text files created by programs other than esti-mate.



This module uses the jobs produced by esti-mate and allows a range of traditional quantity surveying functions to be performed and professional quality documentation to be produced. This module supports separate client and internal valuation quantities. Quantities can beentered as numbers, percentages or as a lump-sum value for individual Items or across a range of Items. Original Item quantities can be re-measured and the analysis and percentage completion values changed accordingly.


Main Contractor and House Builders Suites

To add value to our software suites, we have bundled together some of the most commonly used software modules and can offer these "software suites" at greatly reduced prices from the individual module price.