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Important Payroll information

This web page is designed to help you load the new version and make you aware of new features included in Checkbook 5.105

Instructions for installing Checkbook version 5.105

1. Complete all Payroll calculations first

  • Complete all of your Payroll calculations for tax year 2015-16

2. Perform the year end procedure

  • Print P60s and close off the 2015-16 year

3. View the step by step guides

4. Download Checkbook Version 5.105


Checkbook Version 5.105 - What's changed?

  • Both the FPS and the EPS submissions have been updated for the 2016/17 tax year
  • NI category changes: AUST have been added, UAP has been removed, code H has been added and codes D, E, L, I and K can no longer be used
  • Changes to the NIC and PAYE bandwidths
  • Uplift of 'L' Tax Codes by 40, 'M' by 44 and 'N' by 36
  • A second Student Loan Threshold and been introduced - Threshold 1 is now £17,495 and Threshold 2 is £21,000
  • Introduction of the Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT)