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Important Payroll & RTI Information

This web page is designed to help you load the new version and make you aware of new features included in Checkbook 5.101

Installation instructions | Details of what's included in v 5.101

Instructions for installing Checkbook version 5.101

1. Complete all Payroll calculations first

  • Complete all of your Payroll calculations for tax year 2013-14

2. Perform the year end procedure

  • Print P60s and close off the 2013-14 year

3. View the step by step guides

4. Download Checkbook Version 5.101


Checkbook Version 5.101 - What's changed?

  • Changes to NIC bandwidths
  • Changes to PAYE bandwidths
  • Uplift of ‘L’ tax codes by 56
  • Increase of Student Loan threshold to £16,910
  • Changes to Statutory Pay Rates and Bands
  • The recovery of SSP using the Percentage Threshold Scheme has been abolished
  • There is a new bracket for ‘normal hours worked’ (this should be checked before you send your first FPS in 2014-2015)
  • Introduction of ‘reason for late payment’ on the FPS
  • ‘SSP recovery’ and ‘NIC on holiday’ values have been removed from the EPS
  • Employment Allowance indicator and Bank Account details added to the EPS