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The construction industry and digital marketing might not seem likely partners, but it’s becoming increasingly important that B2B as well as B2C companies have a strong online presence. Construction Enquirer has launched its Social Club, where construction companies can showcase their social media feeds and blog content to a potential audience of up to 1 million regular visitors.

Construction Enquirer aims to make the Social Club a place for construction companies to exhibit their digital content to an industry audience that is far more likely to do business with you than your average website visitor. Each company’s page allows them to embed a Twitter feed, blog content and contact details. The page links back to the company’s own website, allowing them to drive more visitors (and potential clients) to their webpage. Check out Integrity Software’s profile here!

Why does your construction company need to bother with social media? First, having an online presence is reassuring to potential clients, and they can see how you’ve dealt with issues in the past. Second, you can show that your company knows what it’s talking about and pays attention to the latest industry trends, through well chosen 'Retweets' on Twitter, LinkedIn groups and blog articles. Third, it allows you to show how your company works on a daily basis – by sharing occasional photos of your team at work you can draw the interest of potential clients and show off the larger projects that you’re undertaking.

While social media is primarily used as a marketing tool, construction software aims to improve the day-to-day running of your business. Software and social media complement each other perfectly. Keep your construction company on top of the latest digital trends by joining Construction Enquirer’s Social Club and choosing some construction software to augment your business.