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With late payments still a worrying large issue within the construction industry, trade contractors have demanded the government call a late payment summit in order to shame major firms into paying their bills on time. Subcontractors are hoping that the event will be similar to John Prescott’s construction health and safety summit in 2001, which had an impressive effect on the industry’s accident record.

The call to action comes as a response to the government’s latest consultation on late payment, during which the National Specialist Contractors’ Council admitted believing now would be a good time to fundamentally change the payment culture in the UK: ‘the industry can change its behaviour, it just needs clear direction and a sanction to make it happen.’

As long as late payment continues to be disregarded and public sector contracts continue to be awarded to companies despite their poor payment practices, late payment is likely to continue to be a problem in the construction industry. Subcontractors are calling for late payment to become socially unacceptable and for companies to be publicly named and shamed on their payment performance.

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