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The long awaited re-launch of the government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Scheme was met with very high levels of demand from homeowners and landlords. The spike in demand for the next batch of cashback funding was huge, with many users unable to access the government website for hours.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Scheme allows homeowners and landlords to claim back money from the government for completing solid wall insulation or two other energy efficiency measures following a Green Deal assessment or receipt of a recent Energy Performance Certificate. The scheme allowed up to £4,000 cashback towards the cost of installing solid wall insulation in a property.

The first phase of funding for the cashback scheme was released in July of 2014, but demand was so high that the £70 million of funding was used up in three days. The more recent release of funds was also in high demand, with the £24 million set aside for solid wall insulation exhausted within hours.

The clamour for Green Deal funding shows that there is a high level of consumer demand for energy efficiency measures, but many lack the funds to make improvements to their property.

Construction companies and retrofit contractors should anticipate a spike in demand as successful applicants look for Green Deal providers and installers to carry out the work for them.

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